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Create your own mobile game based on AI and ML

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In Ultron AR you can Interact with the AR objects.

You can add any AR character in a specific location for the player to interact with. We have got ready AR characters in our database.

Increasing the accuracy of locating objects in the field from 10 m to 3 m.

This functionality is extremely important, in particular for improving the user experience during the game and for Runvido's business partners.



UltronAR uses an engine to recognize 3D objects using Machine Learning.

The technology is able to recognize various 3D objects and display any added information, picture or video. Thanks to it we create a map of the real world, in combination with non-landscape AR objects visible in real time.

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This is an applicationthat allows you to playvarious field and city gamesposted on our platform. Create your own Mobile Gameand advertise your product in a smart way!

Mobile Game App

Create game scenarios to promote your city or tourist destination. Find a completely new idea to advertise cultural institutions.

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